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Study Buddy

by Carri83 Carri83 (New) New

Hello All,

I am looking for an RN Nclex study buddy. I'v tried studying on my own many times but get distracted easily with life. I am tired of making excuses and want to do this the right way by asking for help. I took the nclex twice before with no study structure and little prep time. I need help with getting on track. I am looking for help on this site because its hard to find help in my area without spending more money at a review class. At the end of my program my school forced us to pay $250 on the ATI and $500 on a exit review class which was a waste of time and money at the time it was offered. I passed that exit review on the second try but it did not prepare me for the NCLEX and the classroom was more of a market that a place to learn. So I am very skeptical when it comes to classroom reviews. I prefer one on one or small groups. I am located in West Palm Beach, FL and graduated in 2015.

Please Help..

Thank you

Hi Carri83 I'm in Fl as well. You can & will pass please do not get side tracked put a study plan together and stick 2 it

Thank you so much!!


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I would recommend the NCLEX RN Mastery app if life keeps getting in the way of studying. I did all the questions in the app and a few practice tests from some NCLEX books from the library (I know Barron's was one of them). I passed on the first try in 75 questions.

I turned my cell phone/social media time into study time - every time I was lazy in bed when I first woke up in the morning, when I was winding down at night, when I was standing around waiting on somebody to meet me, etc. You'd be surprised how quickly you can rack up practice questions throughout the day!