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Students in WGU RN to BSN

Myca84 Myca84 (New) New

Is there any one currently enrolled in this program? I would like to hear current experiences please.


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What exactly would you like to know? I just finished up the RN-BSN and am starting the BSN-MSN in May. It is an excellent way to finish up your BSN degree if you want to pay less and are good at self pacing yourself (have good motivation). There are tests that you do online with a camera watching you and lots of papers to finish. The clinical aspect at the end was 90 hours of research and field work on a community health topic of your choice. It was a little difficult to finish when working full time, but doable. Well worth the effort and cost to use WGU.

Racer15, BSN, RN

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I'm one class away from finishing my BSN through WGU. I have been very happy with my experience!