Who has been accepted to Mercer's CRNA program?

  1. I just found out yesterday that I was accepted to Mercer's CRNA program in Macon, GA.
    Who else will be there next summer?
    I am so excited!! I will also make someone on the alternate list very happy at Samford this week! I hope everyone has a great Christmas and a happy New Year!
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  3. by   glhrn
    Congrats! I am starting at UAB Birmingham component next fall. I was invited for an interview at Mercer, but declined as UAB was my first choice. It is such a feeling of relief to be done with the application process, isn't it?! How was their interview process? Do you know if they ended up taking 8 students or did they take a larger class. Also, what were your reasons for choosing Mercer over Samford? Anyhow, enjoy your studies and here is to December 2009!!
  4. by   CI-PLANTOGAS
    Congratz...thats awesome..I plan on applying there next year...enjoy your last few months of freedom.