What was your G.P.A.

  1. Are there any nurse anethetists who would have the guts to share the GPA that got them into there graduate program.
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  3. by   TLC RN
  4. by   double d
    My undergrad gpa was 2.99 over 6 years. changed majors multiple times. Pre-med, pre-vet, political science, criminology and finally nursing. I didn't have my head on straight and was drinking alot. I went to work at a teaching institution in a general icu. Made a 1700 on GRE (before you had to write the essay) and got my CCRN. I was on the rapid response team, and talked with people in the anesthesia dept. any chance I got. Maybe I'm just lucky.
  5. by   TNTsunflower
    I had an overall 3.73. Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society. Delta Zeta sorority! Just work hard as an undergraduate, but enjoy your college experience
  6. by   schway
    GPA 3.9, 4.0 sciences....agree with above, work hard in undergrad. The grades will help open more doors.