What is a "Competitive" GRE score?

  1. I just finished taking the GRE and am wondering what in the world "competitive" GRE scores are for CRNA school. I can't find ANY frame of reference to compare my scores to...How am I supposed to know how well I did?
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  3. by   augigi
    Try searching "GRE" on the forums. Here's one thread I found doing that: https://allnurses.com/forums/f16/wha...ore-20114.html
  4. by   ctucker
    Most schools want GRE at least 1000. Although schools look at everything together not just GRE, GPA they look at expierence, GRE, GPA and interview skills.
    I have a friend that got accepted with a score of 950
  5. by   jessi78
    I would think greater than 1000. Also, I think scores above the 50th percentile in the math. >500 (this is what i thought when i took it 3 years ago. things may have changed).
  6. by   newkarian
    I just got accepted @ MTSA and I have several friends and colleagues who have also recently been accepted into CRNA school. From what I can gather you need above a 1000 to compete. To be very competitive I would say the high 1000's to 1100 would be sufficient. Most people that I know that have gotten in have had a GRE of 1050-1150.