UT Houston CRNA 2019

  1. Wanted to start a thread for all applicants. Good luck!
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  3. by   MUnursing
    Thanks for making this
  4. by   MUnursing
    What were everyone's stats?
  5. by   LonestarMedic12
    Thought maybe you can share your experiences on the thread below

    UT, BCM, TCU, and TWU CRNA 2019
  6. by   Crj8999
    305 gre, 3.7 gpa.

    3 years icu
  7. by   Carioca94
    Hi guys -

    I just got an email for an interview for UT on Sep. 13th. Anyone else?

    My stats are:
    GPA 3.84
    GRE 158 V/155 Q/ 4.5 W
    CCRN and 2.5 years in a level 1 neuro-trauma ICU

    Do you guys know anything about this interview (personality based, more clinical, etc)? I don't have any friends in this program and I am not from Houston...so I feel like I'm going in blind

    Also, how did you guys submit your resume to the school? I never sent mine in but somehow got an interview...haha
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  8. by   Crj8999
    I got an interview for Sept 12 8am.