UT Houston CRNA 2019

  1. Wanted to start a thread for all applicants. Good luck!
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  3. by   MUnursing
    Thanks for making this
  4. by   MUnursing
    What were everyone's stats?
  5. by   LonestarMedic12
    Thought maybe you can share your experiences on the thread below

    UT, BCM, TCU, and TWU CRNA 2019
  6. by   Crj8999
    305 gre, 3.7 gpa.

    3 years icu
  7. by   Crj8999
    I got an interview for Sept 12 8am.
  8. by   Sam316
    Anyone know when we'll hear back for getting in or not? I forgot to ask during the interview.
  9. by   lovesunshine
    Check ut health admission profile!!
  10. by   mdbarr8
    Just seeing this now, I got accepted for 2019 UTH CRNA program and would like to connect with my future classmates.