University of Kansas DNAP 2018

  1. Hey guys, it sounds like everyone received their notifications of acceptance yesterday! I got in and just want to see if anyone is interested in a Fb page for our class! Congrats to everyone who got in.
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  3. by   dollarbft
    Was waitlisted.
  4. by   nurserobinson281988
    I'm sorry, but there are so many spots (30) that you have a chance of getting in! did they tell you how many people were on the waitlist?
  5. by   dollarbft
    No they didn't say. Feelings all over the place. Congratulations on your admission
  6. by   nurserobinson281988
    Thank you!
  7. by   dollarbft
    How long were you given to accept the offer. Heard you got to send money to show commitment as well
  8. by   nurserobinson281988
    I found out October 17 and the deadline to send in the $1500 deposit is October 31. That money is to hold your spot and it goes toward tuition.