Union University CRNA Program Statring 2018

  1. Just figured I'd start a forum for those applying to the program to keep in touch and give pointers, etc.
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  3. by   lordhavemrsa16
    Excuse my misspelling.......autocorrect
  4. by   snicole1221
    When do you think we will hear about interviews?
  5. by   lordhavemrsa16
    I have an interview next week. Have you heard back?
  6. by   mwosen
    I interviewed earlier this week, but haven't heard back? Has anyone else received a call?
  7. by   walkerrn2015
    in the process of submitting my app! I know the deadline is something like feb 1 or march 1? ill keep you posted!
  8. by   lordhavemrsa16
    I interviewed earlier this week as well, haven't heard back.
  9. by   Mercerbear
    I interviewed last week and I got a call today. Hope you all get good news as well!!
  10. by   lordhavemrsa16
    Congrats! I was placed on alternate list. So it's a waiting game for me
  11. by   walkerrn2015
    Nice! My app in nursing cas says complete! Hope I get an interview and they aren't all full yet!
  12. by   nursevmcclinton15
    Hello everyone. I recently got an email from them and I interview Jan 10th.
  13. by   nursevmcclinton15
    How was the interview questions?
  14. by   mgrones
    I received a call Friday! Look forward to meeting everyone!