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  1. I am trying to get some information about umass boston. I am considering taking an online course there, adv pathophysiology or adv pharmacology. Has anyone taken either course and have any insight about the college? Thanks in advance
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  3. by   MissRobin
    Hi - I looked into take those classes there as well. I just received an email back from the program coordinator.
    It seemed reasonable $410/credit. But I did see a registration fee for $1,000 for online courses and $2,000 for clinical courses ON TOP of the $410/credit. That is crazy $$$! When I called to ask about it the person on the phone was quite rude and actually hung up on me. I emailed the coordintator about it and have not heard back. I don't like hinded fees and hope I read this wrong. Otherwise I will look elsewhere for a program. I am looking for an online post-masters FNP program. I contacted Indiana State but sounds like there program is really full and can't start clinicals until 2011 or something. I also am getting info from UCCS - University CO - Colorado Springs. That is online as well and no campus visit req. Anyone else have input on UMASS or other online post-masters FNP programs? Much appreciated!!!