The best undergraduate preparation?

  1. I'm interested in becoming a CRNA, and it seems like there is a real competition to get into the best schools around the country. Not that I'm worried, I just want to be prepared. What's the best way to get the most preparation, experience, and good marks on your application? How can you make your application to CRNA school really sparkle? Anyone have some tricks, advice, etc? So far, I'm volunteering at a local hospital, have plans to shadow a CRNA, and have a few letters of recommendation lined up. Also, I want to go right into a level 1 trauma ICU after graduation. Would leadership experience with the NSNA, and membership in Sigma Theta Tau help? Maybe even working summers as an intern/extern, or getting into contact with the admissions committees at the schools I'm thinking about applying to? I appreciate your advice!
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    Interested in this too! could someone please answer? Would going Pharmacy be better then ASN then BSN then CRNA? Please help