surgical caps

  1. hey all, just wondering if any of you have some suggestions on where to find some customized surgical caps. i prefer seamless but will take whatever. thanks in advance ~
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  3. by   suzanne4
    You can actually find patterns and have them custom sewn to find exactly what you want.

    Are you looking for the bouffant style for longer hair? Or exactly which style.

    There are a few scrub manufacturers that also have them, but I find that getting them custom sewn gives you the greater freedom.
  4. by   skipaway
    Before you shell out your hard earned cash, make sure the ORs you'll be working in allow customized caps. In our OR, due to "infection control issues" you can not wear homemade caps, you have to wear the ones provided.
  5. by   SorenDrake has some nice ones.