St.Petersburg, FL CRNA program

  1. Have any of you heard rumors that Barry or one of the other Florida schools that have a CRNA program are going to start a satellite program in St. Petersburg, FL???
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  3. by   jre
    Barry has had a satellite program in Tampa for 2 or 3 years now. You still have to go to Miami for the first semester although they are trying to eliminate that. The problem is they tell you in the interview that you can request Tampa but it cannot be guaranteed. I was accepted and I was told I would probably end up in Tampa but it could also be Orlando (this is there largest site). I got accepted to USF's first CRNA class in Tampa and decided to decline Barry. Wolford also has some satellite clinical sites scattered in or near the Tampa Bay area this is after completing one year in Naples/Fort Meyers area. Hope this helps