Shadowing CRNA's

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    I was wondering how you go about shadowing CRNA's. I'm currently in nursing school for my BSN. Do I have to be an RN before I can shadow? Should I ask to shadow a CRNA at my school or at a local hospital? I work at a hospital pharmacy and see CRNA's every morning when they pick up their kits. They encouraged me to pursue anesthesia. Would it be appropriate to ask one of them if I can shadow them? I feel odd about doing that, being a pharmacy tech & all.
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  3. by   jenniek
    Yes, I would ask one of them. Pick one who you think could explain things to you and give you a feel for what they do during an average day. Shadowing is a great way to see if you may like to pursue it further!
    They will probably be flattered when you ask them, too.