SEE Exam

  1. Hi, I have to take the see exam in a week. I have been told that the content has changed and there is no good way to study. I find this hard to believe when my staying in the program depends on my performance on this test. Has anyone taken the test? Do you have any helpful study hints, or things that I should concentrate on?
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  3. by   Brian_SRNA
    I cant help you but i Do have a ?. What is the SEE exam? thanks

  4. by   sandman1
    Why would you study for it? That defeats the whole purpose. The SEE, or SELF EVALUATION EXAM, is supposed to let you know your weaknesses so you know where to concentrate you efforts. What you make on the SEE does not matter and it's supposed to give you a semi-realistic view of where you are knowledgewise. Just take it and use the information to your advantage. Hope this helps.