Question for the lucky (talented) accepted applicants!

  1. Hello Everyone,
    I am just trying to get an idea of what to prepare myself for and expect over the next few years before applying to CRNA school. For those of you who were accepted....CONRADGULATONS!!!!! :-) Can ya'll please post what credentials and GPA that you had above, the "minimum" requirements? I know that they very for every school, but I'm just trying to find out what stands out and makes someone more marketable to acceptance into the program. Thank You all for your help!
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    Good for you, planning ahead! I just found out last week that I got into one school; I'm still waiting to hear about the other. Here are my stats:

    GPA for pre-nursing Bachelor's: 2.83
    ASN: 3.88
    BSN: 3.84
    (overall GPA 3.26)
    GRE 800(Quant), 660 (verbal), 4.5 analytical writing
    about 2 years adult SICU experience at a large, high acuity hospital