Missouri State/St John's chemistry requirement

  1. I tried to do a search on this, but didn't find much.

    I just received the application packet from St John's, and the requirement for chemistry includes 4 hours of inorganic chem and 4 hours of organic chem. I have taken gen chem I and II, 3 credits organic chem and thought that would be enough, and it is for the other schools I'm looking at. I can't even find a local or online inorganic chem class, and wonder if I need to take an organic chem (my chem is over 5 yrs old anyway) but even those are only 3 credits.

    Anyone get accepted at St John's with less than these requirements? For those who have been accepted, what chem classes did you have? Did you also take a genetic class? (It is recommended in the application)
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    So, this might sound stupid, but is general chemistry the same as inorganic chem?