Missouri State crna program

  1. Are there any SRNA's from Missouri State? How is the program set up? Just curious. Any info is greatly appreciated. thanks!
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  3. by   AR_ICU_RN
    Their website and graduate catalog will answer most questions. But i think this is what you're looking for: first 4 months just didactic taken on the MSU campus, 2nd semester has classes 2 days a week on MSU campus, 3 days at st johns, and you start some clinical stuff, and after that its classes everyday at st johns and clinicals, and the senior students start taking call. One of the SRNAs just told me this yesterday, and i didnt write it down, but if its not just like this, its similar.
  4. by   kiddo911crnahopeful
    are you going to school there?
  5. by   AR_ICU_RN
    Not yet, hoping for January. Have a friend starting there in August.