Memorial hospital of rhode island nurse anesthesia class of 2018

  1. Hello there,

    Has anyone else applied to this school? Anyone know of how many students typically apply/how many are interviewed? Any information is greatly appreciated.

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  3. by   Zlndr23
    Hey everyone!
    I have been a Neuro ICU nurse for two years and just started applying for schools this fall for next year start dates. I have 5 years of OR experience as a surgical technologist, assistant, and circulating nurse. I worked full time in the OR during my BSN, therefore my stats are not where I'd like them to be. I am very confident in my ability and will be retaking a couple science courses to boost my GPA. I just received a rejection letter from National University, which was the first school I applied to. My stats are listed below. Has anyone had any luck with interviews for schools with lower GPAs?
    BSN 3.1
    Science 3.2
    2 years ICU
    5 years OR (tech)
  4. by   ICURN29

    I also applied to Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island for the 2018 start date.

    Living in CT, which is where the didactic portion of the program is based (Central Connecticut State University (CCSU)), I have worked with a number of nurses who have applied to this school as well as the other two anesthesia programs associated with CCSU. I recently worked with a travel RN who started the didactic portion of the program May 2017. Feedback from him was that the didactic portion was pretty intense with frequent testing and large amounts of material each week. He was working 36 hrs a week at the start of school, but he did tell me that it would be best to not work at all. Many coworkers who have attended the other anesthesia programs associated with CCSU echoed the same feedback.

    Feedback I have gotten has been that the program is very small and usually accepts 8 students. One of the CRNAs at my current hospital said that even though it is a small program he has been told that their clinical training is pretty good.

    I haven't learned much about the interview process, and most of the postings on this site that speak to the interview are from many years ago. regardless I would assume that the interview is largely unchanged because the same program director has headed the program for many years.

    Hope that helps and good luck!
  5. by   ICURN29

    Not sure how many people on the forum are applying to Memorial Hospital of RI but I figured I would post some updates.

    I sent my application in on Sept 4th and received a post card in the mail today stating that they have received my application. It goes on to state that they will contact me if they require any more information and to setup and interview. Sounds like they will send out interview requests after the September 30th application deadline when the admissions committee meets to review the applications.

    Hope to hear from more people who are applying to this school, would be nice to get to know and support others trying to get into the program!
  6. by   Brooke.FutureCRNA
    Hey Ya'll!!

    I've also applied to MHRI to begin in 2018! This is a great thread to keep each other posted about information we receive. The website isn't the most informative and I've heard they are hard to reach by phone, which kinda bothers me, as I've called bigger schools that have someone answer the phone and my questions right away! But still, I had a friend that went to this program and he stated it was overall a great program, despite it being small. Looking forward to finding out more!

    If I do get into school at MHRI or any of the other programs I'm applying too, I'll be moving from Texas and to be honest, the winters scare me more then the schooling! haha! I've never had to deal with snow before!! But one's gotta do what one's gotta do! Excited for the adventures.
  7. by   lindseyhein
    Try Texas Wesleyan! They interviewed my twice with a 2.83 overall GPA. They will interview anyone if they meet criteria! Very tough clinical questions but if you're confident you will do well.
  8. by   lindseyhein
    Brooke.ACC, BSN- I am also from Texas and I totally understand the winter fear! Hopefully we both get accepted and can take turns shoveling snow!
  9. by   Brooke.FutureCRNA
    Sounds like a deal, LindseyHein! Though I think I'll do my best to live in an apartment or something that shovels it for us..i don't really see myself getting up in the wee hours to shovel my car out before driving to the hospital. But again, gotta do what we gotta do!

    I've also applied to Texas Wesleyan! Hopefully we'll hear soon about interviews there.

    Does anyone know when MHRI interviews usually are??
  10. by   ICURN29
    So awesome to hear from others who have applied!

    I just received an email today that the admissions committee will meet the first week of Oct to review applications. So hopefully they will start sending out interview offers not long after that.

    Looking over past threads on this site and other sites it seems they do interviews OCT to as late as DEC.

    Snow in New England can get bad at times for sure. Good thing is that Rhode Island tends to get less snow compared to the rest of New England due to its closer proximity to the ocean. So hopefully you won't have to shovel too much!
  11. by   Mariaharoy
    Hi Everyone!

    I too applied to the MHRI program for the 2018 start date! I'm so nervous!!
    Wishing everyone the best of luck!!
  12. by   Mariaharoy
    Hi Everyone!

    Has anyone heard anything in relation to an interview!?
    Hoping we all hear back
  13. by   Bizzymommy
    I haven’t heard from them yet. I applied early August.
  14. by   Brooke.FutureCRNA
    Ahhhh, the waiting game!!!

    Does anyone know what MHRI is looking for in their candidates? I know they only accept 8-9 students each year, so they must have something in mind when they interview!?

    Can't wait until we all hear something back!!