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  1. Can any one of you current Kaiser SRNA's please clarify for me if there is out-of-state tuition to be paid?? I know in past years it was waived, but I am assuming this no longer applies. Thanks for any input...just trying to plan appropriately
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  3. by   calirn2006
    Hi! One more question for any Kaiser student. Can you tell me if Kaiser offers student loan pay back if you sign a contract with the after graduation? Thanks for the help
  4. by   ICURN2CRNA
    Out of state tuition is waived. Here is the break down of fees. For Class starting Fall 2007. $4000 kaiser fee per year x2 years. Cal State Fullerton is about 1800 a semester x 6. All students in the Kaiser program pay the same fees, no out of state tuition. If you have any questions regarding the program send me a private message. I am a junior student. Kaiser does not have loan forgiveness if you worked for them after grauation. Employment is not guaranteed if you complete the Kaiser program, however, roughtly 80% stay within the Kaiser system after graduation. Hope this helps.