Job Outlook?

  1. I really want to be a CRNA, but after looking for jobs in Colorado and not finding any, I'm wondering if being a NP would be better (since I saw tons of NP jobs). Do you think that jobs are hard to find? Are there any statistics showing job outlook for the next 10 years? *If* I get accepted and everything, I should be a CRNA by 2015. I want to work in a town with a population of less than 10,000 close to the mountains. I looked at hospital listings, searched, and some specific CRNA sites and didn't see one job! I read that there is supposed to be a demand for CRNAs but I couldn't find any. What gives?
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    Colorado is not the most friendly state for CRNAs to practice. Most hospitals employ MDAs for their anesthetic needs. There are jobs out there...just more difficult to find.