I'm wondering which extern position would be most helpful for my career goals

  1. Hello-

    I am currently enrolled in an accelerated BSN program and have the opportunity to be a nursing student extern. I just started my program last week, so forgive my ignorance. I thought I read that CRNAs need "Acute Care" experience, but then I read that they need "ICU" or "Critial Care" experience. What is the difference and which do I really need? Also, I'm not sure which position would be the most helpful for becoming a CRNA, so please give me your opinions. Here are the areas they are accepting externs in:

    Emergency Department
    Medical/Surgical Tower 5
    Skilled Nursing Facility

    As always, thank you so much for your help!!

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  3. by   brazuca
    Best experience for CRNA school is Surgical ICU according to what I've been told. ER is not acceptable in 90% of schools, neighter is PACU. In essence any ICU is game. CVICU is best in my opinion (FYI: CVICU is considered a surgical ICU).