If you could go to any school . . .

  1. Hello all, I'm thrilled to have made it to the application stage of my career move towards nurse anesthesia. If you could go to any school in the nation, where would you want to go? It seems that all accredited schools are considered "good schools", but I'm curious to learn about all the other important factors, such as how the quality of life is in the region, whether there are a multitude of clinical experiences w/o sacrificing cases to a local anesthesiology curriculum (the MD kind), not having to travel huge distances for clinical, etc. etc.
    I am preparing to move anywhere in the country yet simply cannot visit all possible attractive programs, so I'm asking for your help. Do any of you live near a program and know from experience or account that it has something special to offer? Right now I'm looking at UPenn, UMinnesota and Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Samuel Merritt in Oakland CA, . . . There's just too much to choose from. Alas this is assuming _acceptance_ is not an issue (yeah right), but why not shoot the moon?
    Thank you for your insight! And good luck to all you future CRNA's!
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