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  1. Hello board. I've been hanging around allnurses forums since i've been in school and find it very helpful. Now that i have graduated I am looking to become a crna and have a pretty good idea of how i'm going to accomplish this. For any crna program there is a 1 yr min experience requirement. Does this typically mean 1 yr prior to submitting an application or 1 yr by the time of the interviews? I tried to search but have been unable to find a definite answer. Thanks in advance
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  3. by   SAMISA09
    A friend in CRNA school told me that as long as you have one year ICU experience by the time the program starts should be ok. You should call the school and make sure, it may depends on the program you will be applying to.
  4. by   duluthrn
    I agree with SAMISA09, it's best to check with the program you are interested in applying. Some schools won't accept your application if all the requirements are not met prior to the application deadline, and others will accept you into the program if the requirements can be completed before school starts. It really depends on the school, I've seen it go both ways. Hope this helps and good luck.