I got the Pitt interview, so what are my chances?

  1. I'm interviewing at Pittsburgh next week and I just can't study every drug and I can not come up with any weaknesses that don't sound just awful. Any suggestions?? Also, What do you think my chances are I'm one of forty interviewing this month for forty-four potential spots is it first come,first serve to a qualified applicant or do they only pick the ones that really stand out??
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  3. by   lilaRN
    How did the interview go ?...I interview there next week and I'm feeling like you did. Let me know if you hear anything back from them and I'll do the same.
  4. by   traumarn71
    OK, I hope JOD doesn't hold this against me.

    I am a Pitt grad from the anesthesia program. I won't tell you what to expect in the interview, but know that it is a VERY fair interview process. If you've made it to the interview, you obviously have something to offer. It's stressful on everyone there. As for weaknesses, everyone has them. Not recognizing your own is in itself a form of weakness. Good luck.