I got in to St Mary's

  1. Well, I got the call that I got into SMU in minneapolis last week. I got in off of the waiting list so I am pretty pumped, but also very stressed now. It starts in May so I now how to sell my house, find a house, and learn a new city in that short amount of time. Here comes the roller coaster ride.
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  3. by   TLC RN
    Congrats! That is AWESOME
  4. by   mmc-rockstar
    Congratulations!!! Good luck with the next set of hoops!! By they way, what are your stats and what do you think made the difference in your getting in??? Happy for you, and hope to follow...
  5. by   asianrn
  6. by   xd9fan
    Congrats MNHAWKI!!
    Thanks for your input as well.