1. Can someone tell me if a year in ICU with a ADN degree while getting a BSN degree will count for a CRNA program?

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  3. by   Just a CRNA
    Yes it will.
  4. by   tonyccrn
    yes, many people have done it that way. get ADN degree, earn their 1-2 years experience working in the ICU all the time attending RN to BSN program.

  5. by   japaho41
    yes, most programs require a BSN and minimum one year of ICU.
  6. by   jaylynnrn
    I believe that should count toward your ICU experience, but I would just call the schools you are looking at and make sure.
  7. by   nrsmelissa1
    As long as you are an RN in the ICU it counts. Some programs do require that you have completed your BSN before application deadline to be a candidate though. Good Luck.