Have You Ever Been Kicked Out of a Room?

  1. Out of the 550 to over 1000 cases you have done as a SRNA, have you ever been kicked out of the OR with your tails between your legs? Sometimes it may not have been your fault. What will you do different next time?
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  3. by   shandsburnRN-CRNA
    874 cases to date; never been kicked out of a room.
  4. by   Marysrna2010
    Will be finished with my program in April 2010. Lots of cases, never been kicked out or asked to "sit in the corner" to read!

    Thank goodness!!!!!
  5. by   Sodiumpent
    I graduate in 3 months, and never even came close to being kicked out of a room. I have only heard that happen to one of my classmates too.