Hamot MC School of Anesthesia

  1. Is there anyone else on this site who is starting at Hamot MC this upcoming January? I just got my acceptance letter, and sent in my matriculation check!
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  3. by   Brian_SRNA
    I am not going to that school but I am startig UT knoxville, in january. As a side note...what was your matriculation fee? just curious. Mine was $1500. Just curious.

  4. by   luhowRN
    Good luck at UT! My fee was $1200, so I feel your pain...
  5. by   luhowRN

    Are you pretty excited about school? I can not wait to start!

  6. by   lexiRN80
    Hi luhowRN

    I have an interview with Hamot/gannon on August 23rd. I was wondering if you could give me some insight into the program/interview. Thanks!!