GRE for CRNA Question

  1. I'm very sorry if this was already asked or mentioned, but I couldn't find the answer.

    What subjects are covered for the GRE? I'm not too familiar yet with it, but after some research, it looks like it's based on your major. What then would be covered?
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    GRE subject tests do exist, but for nursing you need to take the General test. There are three parts; verbal, quantitative, and analytical writing. The first two sections have a top score of 800 each, and the analytical writing score is a max of 6 (in increments of 0.5 from 0 to 6). Most people take the GRE on computer, though I believe it is possible to take it with pencil and paper. The verbal and quantitative sections are scored by the computer, but the writing section (2 essays) is graded by real people. At the end of the test you are given the option of canceling your scores, but you have to make your decision before you get to see your preliminary test scores. As I recall, the test took something like 4-5 hours. Hope this helps!
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    Thanks Vegan!