FIU 2019 bsn to FNP

  1. Hello!! Is anyone applying for 19 spring cohort
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  3. by   rubberband
    I meant BSN TO DNP
  4. by   MiamiRN25
    I applied, too. But have not heard anything yet. I know applications closed early this month, so I'm assuming they're reviewing apps.
  5. by   rubberband
    Have you heard anything yet
  6. by   MiamiRN25
    Yeah, this morning I got the email for an interview!
  7. by   rubberband
    Got it too!!
  8. by   applepie2013
    Hello everyone! I got an email for interview as well... what type of questions will they ask? How is the schedule like? Are you guys will be working?
    Thanks in advance
  9. by   MiamiRN25
    Did you have your interview yet?
    The panel was very nice! They wanted to know about you, why NP, experience, asked a clinical question (wasn't bad at all)
    Good luck, you'll be fine!
  10. by   BSNnurse8
    Acceptance emails came out this morning. I interviewed September 27th
  11. by   MiamiRN25
    I got my acceptance this morning, too! See you soon!
  12. by   darqqing987
    Got my acceptance letter a couple of days ago as well.
  13. by   BSNnurse8
    So after confirmation do we get an admission packet? what are the next steps?
  14. by   MiamiRN25
    According to Nancy, we wait for orientation day confirmation