Duke Jan 2007

  1. Just got accepted Who else is going? Check your e-mails people! I am so pumped!
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  3. by   STICU-RN
    Hey Congrats ,

    A friend and I interviewed there, but haven't heard anything yet. Did they send you a group e-mail? I'm on the edge of my chair
  4. by   nia_king
    You know I am starting to think I got notified earlier than anyone else. No one else I know has heard a thing! It looked and sounded very much like a group e-mail even though there were no other addressess. I think if I were you I wouldn't fret yet. Give them some time or give them a call if the waiting is driving you nuts (as it would me if I were in your shoes). Good luck.
  5. by   STICU-RN
    I'm going too.................................... oh sorry, I was doing my happy dance
  6. by   nia_king
    Awesome! Congratulations. See you in Jan