does the path alter the outcome???

  1. My question to anyone who may have insight is this?

    I am getting my nursing degree through an associate degree program at a small technical college (graduate this Dec) GPA overall 3.85 science gpa 4.0
    1. will this affect my chance of getting into crna school

    I am transferring to a university to get my BSN and wonder if going to a smaller or large university will affect my chances.
    Both communities have level 1 trauma centers so I know I will get the ICU experience needed

    I have just heard in the past that sometimes the crna school will look at the universities or technical colleges where applicants got their education as a factor for acceptance

    any truth to this??
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  3. by   AF nurse2b guy
    Those are some good questions. Exactly what i want to know. I will be in the nursing program (associates) next fall and will then transfer to a university to get my BSN. After a year in critical care i will apply for CRNA program. So please, if anyone knows anything about this let us know. Thanks!