Does state where you attend program matter?

  1. Hello to all on this wonderful site. I have been visiting this site for several years, but this is my first post. I belive as nurses we must stick together and continue to fight for our profession
    I have applied to several CRNA programs. One is out of state, the rest in state (IL). I have been lucky enough to recieve interviews at all. I realize I am not accepted anywhere yet, but I have a dilemma. A couple of NA's at work told me that what I considered my first choice maybe should not be. I thought that if accepted, Rush University would be my first choice. I also applied to University of Pittsburgh, which I have been told is a good program and that Pennsylvania is a more nurse anesthetist friendly state than IL, and the number of sites offered there are more diverse than at Rush. Any practicing NA's or SRNA's input would be gladly appreciated.
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  3. by   Brian_SRNA
    No help on the two programs but wanted to say congratulations on getting the interview.

    Best of luck