1. Hi guys my name is deanna and im just begining well hoping to began nursing school next year all of my pre requs and classes for my adn are complete just waiting to be accepted i am 21 years old due to health problems i got a late start on college having to repeat multiple semesters from having epilepsy and just not able to keep up ... my question for any crna Students is how long does school take after you complete your bsn and work the 1 to 3 yrs icu depending on your school ... on average how long does the actual crna school take ? Thankful for any one who can answer this question im in michigan btw also much help needed thNks guys
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  3. by   Reno1978
    Depends on the school. Most master's programs are 24-30 months. Most doctorate programs are 36 months.

    A list of all schools can be found here: CRNA School Search

    The search results include program length in months.

    Hope this helps!