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  1. Hi, I am a nursing major and I don't plan on becoming a CRNA but I was on and looking at the salaries of various nursing professions. When I clicked on CRNA it showed like 120k or so as the average where I live. That was fine, the problem came when I clicked on the "show paycheck" option or whatever that shows how much on average is taken out for taxes. The biweekly pay was 5,013 and the actual amount after tax was 3,473. When you take into account the latter number through the year it comes to 83k. Is this how it is for real for you guys? That seems like alot of money to be lost just to taxes and it sucks. Again, I'm not someone who's interested in this because I want to make that much, I was just looking and think that that is pretty bad to be losing nearly 40 grand to taxes and it sounds a bit far-fetched.
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  3. by   loveanesthesia
    That's how it is for anyone who makes 120,000. Yes it is true-actually it comes to 90,298 because there are 26 bi-weekly pay periods in a year.