CRNA programs in the Northeast

  1. I'm looking for a school in OH, PA, or CT. (I've also looked at some schools in the surrounding areas as far south as NC, so I'm open, but nothing west of OH). I would like to be close to OH, where my husbands family is, or, ideally, close to NH where my family is. We will have a 2 year old (I'm looking at starting in 2 years when my hospital contract is up and I have some ICU experience) We are looking for a fun city with an affordable cost of living and a good CRNA program. If you could tell me what you love (or don't) about your school, this would help a great deal. I have done a lot of research but it's good to hear from someone who's there!
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  3. by   jewelcutt
    You could also try MI because there are three schools in relatively close proximity to each other near detroit.