Crna job options. And Rush vs. Northshore

  1. Hi all. I recently got accepted to Rush and Northshore for 2018. Wondering if anyone went to either program..who can give me some insight on what they liked or disliked about their program? Did you find the faculty supportive and understanding of life outside of school?

    Having two young kids and the thought of the time and financial commitment is causing much anxiety. But I've been wanting to do this and I feel like it's now or never. I think both programs are solid but with Rush being only about 15 min local vs. Northshore being about 45-1hour with no traffic, I. Can't help gravitating toward Rush.

    My other question is related to possibilities for job hours. How likely is it to be able to get a job with no call or at least very minimal? I heard some hospitals offer no call, while bigger Hospitals with residents require call but it's also fairly easy to find residents to cover call.

    Thanks all for any insight.
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