CRNA ICU requirement

  1. I want to become a crna and to do so I need at least 1 year in the ICU. Can I get a job in the ICU directly or do I have to work up to it? Also, do CRNA schools accept students based on how highly ranked the nursing program they graduated from is?
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  3. by   malamutepants
    I somehow managed to get into ICU as a new grad, so it's not impossible. After moving on from my first position, I have learned how rare it truly is. CRNA programs look at your GPA, and most likely don't weigh the prestige of any particular school. It might be something to bring up in the interview, as long as you don't come across as a pompous ass when stating "Check me out, I went to SOandSO BSN school". They most likely would want to hear you speak positively about your BSN experience instead of giving bonus points for a fancy school. Hope that helps and good luck!