Contradiction of spinal anesthesia in pregnant females

  1. Hey all,

    When is a spinal anesthetic contraindicated in a pregnant female?
    1) Pt refusal
    2) With any kind of coagulation issues
    3) WHAT ELSE?

    Thanks for your input.
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  3. by   APNgonnabe
    I strongly encourage you to pick up additional resources to answer this question for you, however.. according to Johns Hopkins Manual of OBGYN they list: uncorrected/untreated coagulopathy, skin infection at the site (side note: i've heard of anesthesia providers not doing thing through tattoos), bacteremia, refractory HoTN/hypovolemia, increased ICP, extensive surgery at the site.
    Disclaimer: not a CRNA
  4. by   nurselizk
    unstable CNS dz, elevated ICP, aortic stenosis, to name more...