commute time?

  1. CRNA's/SRNA's what was/is your commute time for school and clinical sites?
    I live in Ohio and have quite a few options for school from here in Ohio to WV, KY, and MI. I have family all around the state and in neighboring states. In considering which schools to possibly apply to I have thought a lot recently about length of travel time. What would you recommend as the longest commute time for classes and clinical/oncall time?

    Lisa RRT/RN
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  3. by   Brian_SRNA
    I guess it would depend on your comfort level and the time you might be "WASTING" in a longer commute. You might also benefit from a longer commute by listening to taped classes. Just a thought. Apply to them all and see where you get accepted

  4. by   jackson74
    This is a topic I've thought alot about. I live 45-50 minutes away from 2 of the schools I've applied to. My options: commute vs. renting a studio apartment within 5 minutes of school. Any SRNA/CRNA input based on their experiences would be appreciated.