Biochem or organic?

  1. Hi all! My BSN program required 2 semesters of general chemistry with labs, and touched on all concepts (bio, orgo, etc). It seems as though many of the schools I've looked into either require biochemistry or organic chemistry. Does this mean I should take a class now that specifically focuses on those concepts? Or would my year of general chemistry be considered adequate? And if not, which class would you recommend taking in preparation for CRNA applications?
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  3. by   gassy2be
    If they specifically require Organic or Biochem, then a general chemistry class does not meet those requirements. Look into the schools you are considering then take the one that is required. If you are unsure where you're going to apply, I would take Organic. That's my plan anyway, and I'll take Biochem also if I have time or if the school doesn't accept the Organic chem.
  4. by   queenanneslace
    Perhaps it differs among colleges - isn't organic chemistry a prerequisite for biochemistry?
    I'd stick with organic. Or at least start there.