Barry class 2012 Accommodation during Orientation

  1. I am now in the class of 2012, nurse anesthetist program of Barry U. There will be a 2-weeks orientation in Miami in Jan, 2010. I am wondering if anyone who is interested to share a room with me? I am a non-smoker. I just want to find some ways to save some $$$.

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  3. by   prettyprettyRN
    Hey Nancy if you don't mind sharing what were your stats (GPA, years exp. and GRE) when you applied to Barry and when does your semester start. Also, how was your interview.
  4. by   jmcintosh
    Nancy I am interviewing with Barry on Feb. 1st for the 2012 Class. I wanted to ask you if you remember any specifics on the interview test?

  5. by   Nancy C.
    Some generic stuffs "why you are interested to be CRNA and why you choose Barry?" etc.