Average GPA to get into a decent program

  1. Hi, I have a 3.2 GPA and am a new nurse starting on a medical clinical foor. I am looking into getting into a CRNA program in the future after some ICU experiance. Is a 3.2 good enough? Or do I need to start adding some graduate level classes to increase my GPA. I am interested in Barry University...any advice is appreciated!
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  3. by   My_brain_hurts
    It really depends. I think schools tend to look at the "whole package". 3.2 itself is not going to be real competitive. Graduate classes would certainly look good, as does a strong GRE. It's all a balance. I think I've read on here from people with 3.0 or 2. somethings and they've gotten in. If you're "not so competitive" in one area, make yourself MORE competitive in others: certifications, extra classes, maybe you teach something or have published papers, maybe you have killer work experience, etc. That's not a very helpful answer, is it? Sorry.
  4. by   rubyrn36
    MOST schools look at the entire package....
    a 3.2 is not stellar so graduate classes will help surely..as will more experience..your CCRN... a high GRE/MAT etc etc etc...
    you need to stack the deck to make yourself competitive...