Applying to a CRNA program

  1. I will finish off a BA in Biochem this year. Say I were to be accepted to an accelerated 1 year BSN program and become a RN aferwards, work 1 or 2 years for experience then apply for a masters CRNA program, what do the schools look at when I apply? My grades from my BSN schooling or from my BA?
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  3. by   North Cacalacky
    Most Schools require a 3.0 cumulative GPA. They will look at this, but most importantly they will look at your last 2 years(nursing courses) plus the prereps(Chemistry, A/P, etc.) If you want to get an idea of what schools are looking for go to, go to "Becoming a CRNA" on left side of screen, then to Accredited Programs. Here you can search for schools by state. Most of these schools have direct links to their programs via this method. Admissions requirements is a good place to look once you do the above.
  4. by   TNSN
    hi, i graduate from an accelerated BSN program in Dec.....I also had a previous BA...i was very happy with the BSN-A program.....intense, but a good experience!