Anyone a SRNA at Union University????

  1. Just need some info about the program structure from anyone who is currently a student at Union. The program is still new so I havent received much information on class schedules, if there are any breaks, payment schedule, etc. So if anyone is a student in their CRNA program, i would appreciate any information.

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  3. by   minorityguy
    I graduated from Union University in 1998 with my BSN. I am interested in applying to the CRNA program. I have all the requirements, however i have a loan I have to repay with them for my education. I owe $12,000. My goal is to start the program in 2009.
  4. by   Gauge
    I'm just a BSN student currently, but on my rotation in the OR I got to meet an SRNA from Union doing one of her rotations there. She was really nice and good at what she did. She said they have a test pretty much every week, even with clinicals going on. She said the work doesn't even compare to that of nursing school....just so much more. But, she said it is amazing and is loving it.