Anybody Russian here?

  1. I was just wondering if anybody who moved from former USSR is here. I live in Ohio since 1992 and going for BSN right now. In the future I would like to become a CRNA. So,I will be glad to hear from all of you! :roll
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  3. by   VERYNEW
    Hey,Are you still there?Let me know ,I'm from Russia
  4. by   sacstate2010
    Hi, I am from Russia too. I am applying for the program, actually already applied and am waiting to get addmitted or... you know
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  5. by   tanita
    I'm from Belarus. Still need my 1 year in ICU and starting GRE preparation. Contact me any time!
  6. by   sacstate2010
    Hi, nice to meet you here.
    Are you planing to be a doctor? Where are you applying. Is 1 year in ICU is a requirement? I've never been in Belarus, but visited Ukrain since my brother was in army there.