Any letters from Texas Wesleyan?

  1. AAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I'm still waiting. My postman thinks I've gone postal and that I'm a potential stalker. Has ANYONE received their letters yet??????:smackingf
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  3. by   goosehunter
    Got my letter today. The wait is finally over. My clinical site is Arrowhead in Colton, CA.....anyone else out there for this site. I think this will be a great program!!
  4. by   MethaneMan

    I've heard great things about the Colton, CA site...supposedly one of their top sites. I'll be at the John Peter Smith site in Ft Worth. Will you be doing onsite didactic? If so, I'll see you in August!
  5. by   goosehunter
    Neurogeek, Has your letter arrived yet? Best of luck. My first response was.....oh what have I done!!! Please respond when you get your letter. Good luck.