any current Union University CRNA students here?

  1. I just got accepted into Union's Jan 2010 class and wanted to ask some of the current students a few questions. If any of you are here would you please post or pm me. Union does not give out their students email addresses without thier approval.
    Thanks in advance
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  3. by   wildflower rn
    bump for some union students. lol
  4. by   SuperSquirrel
    take it as a taste of what union universisty has to offer.
  5. by   ggillespie
    I just graduated from Union University this weekend... What is your question?
  6. by   wildflower rn
    pm sent ggillespie! thanks for the reply and congrates on graduating. I'll email you back when i get back in town.

    supersquirrel, i dont understand your reply. I hope it was a positive response for Union.:wink2:
  7. by   WillworkforScrubs
    I'd like to know about the CRNA program there. Are they partial to Union BSN graduates for admission into the program?