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Now that people are interviewing and recieving acceptance letters, I figured I would start a thread for those starting school in 2006. Name your school and when you start. U.S. Army Graduate... Read More

  1. by   ICUDOUCME?
    Quote from ICURN2CRNA
    Kaiser Permanente School of Anesthesia Fall 2006w00t::hatparty::yeahthat:
    Congratulations! I am anxiously awaiting any sort of news from Kaiser. Where are you from? When did you get your letter? I have to wait until after President's day to get any mail...
  2. by   ICUQBNQT
    Kaiser Permanente School of Anesthesia Fall 2006!!!!! Thanks Brett!
  3. by   Futrgaspasr
    I will be attending TWU this Fall.
  4. by   ccrnval
    Love your screen name. How did the interview go? I'm interviewing with TWU next Tues. Nervous! With any luck, we'll be classmates!
  5. by   lizzyrn
    UT Houston OR Northeastern, wish me luck with my decision!!!
    And congrats everybody!!
  6. by   ccrnval
    How great it must be to have a choice! Congrats!!
  7. by   henriRNIII
    Want more information about the Army CRNA program? Can you give me some insight?
  8. by   silver0980
    Northeastern Univ. in September, Yay!!!
  9. by   hmattdnurse
    Samford June 2006
  10. by   In2B8
    University of Scranton, Pa. Aug. 2006
  11. by   AUCRNA
    Samford, June 2006!
  12. by   RNLady
    University of Pitt
    Aug. 2006
  13. by   gasmn2b
    TCU Class of 2008! See ya'll in August!!