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Now that people are interviewing and recieving acceptance letters, I figured I would start a thread for those starting school in 2006. Name your school and when you start. U.S. Army Graduate... Read More

  1. by   ccrnval
    Hey! I have an interview with TWU next month for the August class! Maybe we'll be classmates! How did the interview go? I hear it can be brutal. Congrats on your acceptance!
  2. by   ccrnval
    Quote from lonestargas
    Hi! I will be going to Texas Wesleyan Aug 2006. Is there anybody out there that will be coming to Fort Worth for classes? I would like to get started getting to know my classmates. I know we will need a lot of support going through THIS think I actually CHOSE TWU! :chuckle

    I'm hoping to! I interview next month in Denver. If accepted, I'll be in FW during the first semester. Tell me about the interview! Congrats!!
  3. by   bj76302
    TWU August 2006
  4. by   SANDMAN_RN
    Medical College of Georgia August 2006:hatparty:
  5. by   Jockgrl209
    University of Miami School of Nurse Anesthesia
    August 2006
  6. by   gongju
    Kaiser Permanente School of Anesthesia, August 2006!! :spin:
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  7. by   ICUDOUCME?
    gonju! Awesome! did you hear? Wow...I gotta go check the mailbox right now! Congrats!
  8. by   ICUDOUCME?
    Well...nothing in the mail box. I mean nothing exciting. I got a credit card offer and a note from the electric company saying that they will be reading my meter a little earlier this anyone pays attention to when they read the bleeping meter.

    gonju, do you live in the west? Are you in California? Maybe my letter will take a couple of days longer to get out my way...Idaho. I'm grasping at straws here.
  9. by   gongju
    Yes, I'm only an hour or two away from Pasadena, so yours will probably arrive Monday or so. Everyone who applied around here got their letter on Thursday. Good Luck!
  10. by   nursenary57
    Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia - July 24th, 2006
  11. by   MelissaRN.FutureCRNA
    University of New England -- September 2006!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. by   texanjj
    Texas Christian University, August 2006!!!! Thank God!!:hatparty: :angel2:
  13. by   ICURN2CRNA
    Kaiser Permanente School of Anesthesia Fall 2006w00t::hatparty::yeahthat: